Down-Sizing your Home

Benefits and advantages of home downsizing
The most obvious benefit is the lower mortgage payments. Of course, when you downsize your home, it lowers the mortgage payment. And there are different reasons why people are downsizing their homes, but the most common reason is to make life financially simpler. Other reasons are to seek an affordable home because of a disability and financial difficulties due to job loss. For many, finding a home with lower mortgage payments means less stress and less time at working place making money to pay a larger home.

Another benefit is the lower utility bills for a home to go with. When you have a smaller home, you have a small mortgage payment and a lower utility bill. No more worries about the heating and cooling in a smaller home because it is cheap and is not bringing a strain on a tight budget. In addition, a smaller home doesn't require much time when cleaning and maintaining. As an owner, you get to have more time to relax and de-stress, because you get to put less time on working.

The disadvantages of home downsizing
There might be some benefits and advantages when downsizing a home, but the downsizing process takes a great deal of your time and effort. It includes sorting through belongings, deciding what should things to be remained and what things to let go. Often times, homeowners experience letting go of things as emotionally difficult and physically tiring. 

It affects a family who likes big gatherings and big parties because downsizing a home means few big gatherings and few big parties due to the fact that you lack of space to place your guests especially during overnight parties. 

More people think that downsizing a home is for older couples who have decided that they're ready to sell their family home. This isn't actually true. Downsizing a home is something that everyone who owns a home and decided that they want to live a simpler life can do.

More people think also that downsizing a home means giving up the comfortable life that they have lived. This again, is not true. Downsizing is the solution available for anyone who wants a less stressful life and people who want to relax and conduct parties on a smaller scale. 

Take the time to look for a smaller house that you love and that includes space for storage, relaxing and entertaining on a smaller scale.

Tina Hare
Tina Hare